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canberra mural

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Canberra Street Artist Responsibilities

  • Live mural painting for the day
  • Paint two murals, each 2.4m X 2.4m

As a part of the street artist mural category for Art, Not Apart in Canberra, I painted two wall murals for the festival.

I created a custom illustration first on my digital sketchbook then printed this out for a guide for the mural painting.

I had the day to complete the mural painting in and also had crowd participation too. It was a great day and event.

Final Mural Art

The mural artwork can be seen in the courtyard of the Ovolo Nishi building, 25 Edinburgh Ave, Canberra.

If you like to view more of my mural work you can go to my mural painting showcase page on my website

Canberra mural
Canberra mural
Street art in Canberra
Street art in Canberra
Student street artist in Canberra
Student street artist in Canberra

Recent Work

HAPPY DECAY = Bjarni Wark

Originally I was trained in fine arts with a focus on illustration, drawing and letterpress (hand set typography). Later on I learnt Photoshop and Illustrator along with other modern digital illustration techniques.

Now with this combination of traditional & digital drawing I love to work with commercial work from small book type illustration, through to poster and full mural painting sized illustration / digital art.

Happy to chat via mobile: 0431 104 026 / Instagram / Send a Message

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