Prada & Adidas Launch in Sydney

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Illustrator / Street Artist for Sydney Prada & Adidas Collaboration

Prada in Sydney contacted me in regards to being a part of their launch with their collaboration with Adidas in Sydney. I submitted my illustration and had to have Prada HQ in Italy review my work before getting the final approval as the artist for the event.

Prada in Sydney
I had to work direclty with customers at Prada in Sydney

Prada on releasing of their Adidas sneaker collaboration wanted to have each customer presented with a customised illustration graffiti-style signature card. This included an illustration of the sneaker and then coloured to match one of the three colours available for purchase.

prada drawing
Creating custom name tags for customers at Prada, Sydney.

As customers purchased their Prada / Adidas sneakers I then took their name or nickname and styled up their name and coloured and worked up their sneaker illustration as a custom card with their purchase.

prada adidas sneaker illustration
Base illustration I created to be used as the foundation on the cards.
chenlin adidas tag
Mockup illustration of how the sneaker can be coloured
gab crown sneaker
Custom name tag and illustration
adidas and prada sneaker illustration
Customers request specific text they wish to be added to their custom card
rafa adidas sneaker illustration
Depending upon time I could quickly have a test sketch run before going live
happy client
Just the two of us 🙂
black and solver prada adidas sneakers
Showcasing different colour ways of the Prada Adidas sneakers
Trying different hand styles of typography
Making sure I get the correct spelling of the customer’s name
Last few for customers who purchased online before the store shut.

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