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Meta Activation & Instagram AR Reels

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Meta at Advertising Week Sydney

Due to my mural, digital illustration skills, and unique imagination, I was selected to work on this project by Meta / Instagram in collaboration with INVNT.

The artwork that I had to create needed to focus on an educational experience that positions Instagram Reels and Oculus Quest as the tools enabling the advertising community to pioneer the next era of business/advertising.

digital content creators
Digital content creators doing their thing with Instagram filters and the artwork

Task/s: Develop visuals for the experience

  1. Create a mural artwork for the exterior of the capsule 1.5m x 2.5m
  2. Create a mural artwork (translucent) for the exterior 3.m x 2.5m
  3. Co-create a mural with Bianca Beers that can work as B&W/transparent and full colour (the art/visuals developed will be used across all assets and experiences) SIZE 6.8mm X 2.5m
  4. Digital artwork that can be included on a META invite for ADWEEK auxiliary events
  5. Apply the co-created mural/art to a wall/space in Painting VR via Oculus Quest (full colour) 
  6. Apply the mural/art to an A3 poster (B&W). The poster will activate an AR experience 
  7. Handpaint 2 Oculus Quests
  8. Develop a digital sticker pack using the art/visuals from the mural  (full colour) 
  9. Look to capture the experience when interacting with Oculus for the first time in your studio and when developing your murals, this could be as simple as a few recorded clips on your phone or camera to show the creative and discovery phase.

Responsibilities while onsite

Master the Tools

  • Create some fun Reels content using the AR filter.
  • Interact and have fun creating Reels and VR artwork with guests.
  • Give guests tips and insights into how they use Instagram and Reels to tell stories.
  • Provide creative ideas for the Kingspray Graffiti artwork.
  • From experience, provide suggestions to guests as to how they could make Instagram or Metaverse content more engaging.

Engagement with Guests

  • Help to fuel atmosphere and creativity by interacting and providing positive encounters with guests.
  • Explaining who they are, and how they create their artwork.
  • Talk guests through some of the artwork on display.
  • Engage with waiting guests in the queue, explain what they are about to experience.
  • Tag and create on site, where the opportunity arises.
  • If guests are asking more specific questions about Meta, refer them to Meta staff on site.

Post & Capture Content

  • We encourage you to share your experiences through your Instagram accounts using #future now.
  • Please also encourage guests to do the same, should they create a Reel or take photos and videos of their interaction with you.
  • Try out the Ray Ban stories whilst on site.
crowd at meta event sydney
The artwork helped make for a great space to hang and get creative
digital artist
Digital artwork was created for the front entrance to the capsule
mural art background meta
The mural illustration colours bring a warm and friendly glow to the room
translucent window mural
Merging of the two worlds
friends with meta mural
Three friends having fun and getting creative with their Instagram reel
mural on the outside of the capsule
The mural on the outside of the capsule
creating AR content Meta Sydney
Another great bit of digital content created using Instagram combined with the artwork
Translucent window mural
Translucent window mural
window mural artwork
Digital artwork was created for the window so people could still see inside the Meta capsule
VR experience
Design assets used from the mural illustration for use with the VR experience
Meta capsule in Sydney
Entrance to the Meta capsule in Sydney
having fun with Instagram reels
Having fun making a reel with Instagram and the interactive nature of the artwork in the background
Meta Quest 2 custom painted
Custom painted artwork on the Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest 2 headset hand painted
Meta Quest 2 headset hand painted
Meta capsule in Sydney
Hanging out in the Meta capsule in Sydney
illustration for meta
The mural design was used with an Instagram filter to bring it to life with AR
meta artwork
The artwork was enjoyable to everyone
meta friends
Making new friends while still keeping things on track

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