Sydney School Mural Painter

June 18, 2019 / From Murals & Illustrations

mural sydney sketch

School Mural Painting Recenlty a Sydney school contacted me in regards to painting a mural for them. As a part of my mural process creating a rough illustration of the mural after the intail briefing is the first visual step for the overall mural painting direction. If you like you can view my folio of […]

Australian Freelance Illustrator

June 14, 2019 / From Murals & Illustrations

mural painter in sunlight

Freelance Illustrator – HAPPY DECAY I have been working as a freelance illustrator for well over a decade working on all types of projects with small businesses to larger scale companies. I create illustrations combining traditional drawing methods as well as by digital means. My go to tools are pencil and paper, iPad Pro with […]

Hanging with Mulga & Painting a Mural in Sydney

June 13, 2019 / From Murals & Illustrations

Mural Painter Sydney I was so stoked when I got the call from Sydney mural painter Mulga the Artist to come along and assist on painting a mural in Hurstville. I was lucky as I was the mural assistant, which took a lot of the pressure off me as I got to do the fun […]

Sydney Mural Painting with Mulga the Artist

June 12, 2019 / From Murals & Illustrations

Sydney Mural Painter – Mulga the Artist I’m heading to Sydney tomorrow to go and help with painting a mural with Sydney mural painter Mulga the Artist. Now when I say help, this is more or less me probably going to be doing blocking in work, fetching paint, cleaning brushes and running to get the […]

WAKAKIRRI Poster Design & Illustrations

May 18, 2019 / From Commercial Illustration

WAKAKIRRI Poster Designer & Illustrator I have been working with WAKAKIRRI from Sydney for over 5 years now. My main roles are helping develop their brand through graphics and illustration. Each year I design and create the illustrations and then design their poster using those illustrations. Here are some of the illustrations I have done […]

Sloth Illustration for WAKAKIRRI Merchandise

May 9, 2019 / From Commercial Illustration

sloth illustration

Illustration Requirements WAKAKIRRI is a national event with around 250 schools and 20,000 children participating every year. This year they wished to have a T-shirt designed so they could sell it at their nationwide events along with other national materials & event merchandise. Final Sloth Illustration The end result was a stylised sloth drawing which […]

Recent Work

HAPPY DECAY = Bjarni Wark

Originally I was trained in fine arts with a focus on illustration, drawing and letterpress (hand set typography). Later on I learnt Photoshop and Illustrator along with other modern digital illustration techniques.

Now with this combination of traditional & digital drawing I love to work with commercial work from small book type illustration, through to poster and full mural painting sized illustration / digital art.

Happy to chat via mobile: 0431 104 026 / Instagram / Send a Message

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