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School Mural Painter

I have a website especially for school murals, please see HAPPY SCHOOL Grounds.

Recently a Sydney school contacted me in regards to me being a mural painter and creating a mural for their school.

Besides independently painting murals at schools, I also offer mural workshops too. I have also set up a new website especially for school murals.

For this Sydney school, after the initial briefing I then created a rough mural concept illustration. This was the first visual step for the overall mural painting direction.

If you like you can view my folio of mural paintings on my website showcase page for my other mural work.

Positive messaging with a custom mural in a school in Canberra
school mural workshop
Working with high school students in a mural workshop at their school

Concept Illustration of the Mural

Back to the Sydney school mural. The mural concept is a vital starting point. The below example is one for a Sydney school mural I was working on. It shows the colours, imagery and composition of the suggested mural direction.

mural sydney sketch
A rough sketch / illustration of how the mural could look for a Sydney school

This is just the starting point of the mural process to see where things will fit within the specified mural area with consideration of the mural design brief. After this first showing, I then gather feedback and make any modifications if required. Normally it is all good to go as the direction is outlined within the initial design brief for the mural.

Mural illustration to clarify the direction

I do these rough illustrations to help clarify with the client in the direction the mural is going and we can discuss specifics at this point of the process as well.

mural process sketch
As a part of the process, an ital rough sketch will be shown for review and feedback before going into digital illustration for another review.

For the rough sketch what I will do is get a photo of the wall for the mural or sometimes just the basic size and shape of the wall and start sketching up the idea on my iPad Pro using Procreate (good illustration software). Above you can see I have done the drawing on top of the photo of the wall.

sydney mural artist
Recent mural paiting I did

Next steps as a Mural Painter

After this, if all is good I can go on and start to do the illustration for the mural that will best represent the final look of the mural. As a mural painter, I add more details to the mural illustration before having another review with the client for sign off.

woden mural
Mural in Woden Town Square – Canberra Street Artist

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