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Mural for Porsche Celebrating 75 Years

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Porsche Mural and Live Event Painting

As a part of the 75 year celebration of Porsche HAPPY DECAY was engaged to create an 8m high mural to be painted in the dealership at Porsche Centre Sydney South.

Porsche Mural Brief

The design brief directive from the Porsche headquarters in Germany was to get creative with the upcoming 75 years event. Looking for a way to immortalise the event, to have a new bright and colourful addition to the dealership, creating a lively atmosphere on entrance for customers that represents the brand, but equally has a local significance.

A requirement of the mural was painting the mural at the main event for the public to view while at for the day of the celebration.

The mural needed to be bold, cohesive, locally relevant, and can easily depict the elements of Porsche embedded. Elements of the mural included the classic 911 and a Porsche Taycan as well as iconic Sydney landscapes in the mural.

The mural is located in the main driveway into the building, it is visible from the offices and visible at the entrance to the dealership.

Photographs tagged with DA were taken by Dan Allen for Porsche Centre Sydney South.

mural plan Porsche
Plan for the mural for Porsche – DA
Porsche colours
For the love of Porsche colours – DA
mural green
Visually greener around the charging booth for a greener experience with Porsche – DA
Porsche Centre Sydney South
Looking through the window at Porsche Centre Sydney South – DA
mural fun
Fun times in front of the mural – DA
driven by dreams
Driven by dreams – DA
painting the mural
Hard at work – DA
75 years
Porsche 75-year celebration – DA
porsche mural
Mural of a classic 911 Porsche
enjoying the cars
Enjoying the festivities at Porsche – DA
yellow paint mural
Making the mural full of colours – DA
mural wall
Mural at the main entrance of Porsche Centre Sydney South – DA
911 mural
Close-up of the 911 Porsche painting
porsche colours
Delightful Porsche colours – DA
colour mural porsche
Bringing colour into the Porsche dealership
bjarni wark
HAPPY DECAY enjoying the display of Porsches in Sydney – DA

The mural includes Porsche 911 and Taycan

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is an iconic sports car known for its exceptional performance, timeless design, and thrilling driving experience. With powerful engines, precise handling, and agility, it delivers exhilarating performance on the road and track. Its distinctive silhouette, signature headlights, and rich heritage make it instantly recognizable. The 911 offers excellent handling, balanced chassis, and a range of engine options for impressive power and acceleration. With all-wheel drive available, it performs well in any weather. Meticulous craftsmanship, premium materials, and versatile features ensure a comfortable and luxurious driving environment. Continuously evolving, the 911 pushes the boundaries of performance and driving dynamics.

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is an impressive electric sports car designed to captivate the Australian audience. With instant acceleration and dynamic handling, it delivers exhilarating performance. Its sleek, aerodynamic design and signature Porsche styling make it a head-turner on Australian roads. The Taycan offers a substantial driving range and fast-charging capabilities, ensuring convenience for long journeys. Inside, the luxurious cabin features advanced infotainment and connectivity. The Taycan incorporates innovative technology and sustainable design, highlighting Porsche’s commitment to the environment. With its blend of power, style, and sustainability, the Taycan represents Australia’s future of electric mobility.

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