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Urban Activation as Part of Penrith ReAnimate

This was a mural/street art project I completed for Penrith City Council alongside The Waste Service team.

The following photos are taken showing the final street art. I will update the text soon outlining the requirements of the project.

sort it out mural
Sort it Out was part of the branding required by The Waste Service team

Street Art Requirements

The above street art had to include bin characters from the current Waste Services marketing campaign. The campaign comprises of three Characters called “The Binz”. The campaign objective is to promote correct waste sorting practices. The topic is incredibly important in terms of best environmental practices and the importance of what we do at home and the effect it directly has on the health of our environment.

The aim is through the medium of street art is to communicate this message in a fun and engaging way.

The tag line for the campaign is “Never Waste A Chance (NWAC)” would be great to see a reference in the artwork to NWAC, not as a core element but a subtle reference.

We would really like you to use these points as a reference and inspiration, however still ensuring artistic and creative style is represented.

scissor lift mural
Using a scissor lift for adding some undercoat
FOGO the bin
FOGO is one of the bin characters of The Waste Service in Penrith
street art bat
Cheeky bat street art
penrith street artist
Bringing some colour to the the car park in Penrith
bjarni wark
Face mask to help reduce paint intake
mural text
Using text in the final street art mural
street art penrith
Wrapping the street art around the building
penrith mural art
Detail section of wall mural in Penrith
mural typography
Large bold typography was used in the street art
urban activation
Using street art to activate the space
penrith street art alley
Street art in Penrith carpark

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