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Woden Town Square Mural

woden muralist

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Lovett Tower Mural in Woden

This mural was a project run by Transport Canberra and City Services. The location was at Woden Town Square around the base of the Lovett Tower.

My responsibility was to complete a 25m long by 3m high mural within a week while also running a number of mural workshops with various organisations.

woden mural
Mural in Woden Town Square – Canberra Street Artist

The outcome for the mural was to engage and collaborate with youth organisations and have the mural activate the area in a positive way for all the community.

The overall feedback from the community was very supportive of the new mural.

I really appreciate your approach to working with the community, as it has that place making / community development vibe that helps build the capacity of the community. Thank you for the feedback and look forward to working with you again.

Casey ArmstrongCommunity Development Officer
The mural brightens up the street.

The mural workshops consisted of:

  • 8-16 participants per session
  • Session to run for around 2.5 hours (aim to start around late morning when warmer), this allows for breaks and also can have the option for people to stay on if they wish with supervision
  • Basic painting techniques with a brush may include some can work but the brush will be the main technique used
  • Onsite painting to last for 5 days – so can have up to 5 sessions, one per day
  • All participants must work from ground level and have clothing suitable for work, being aware that they could get paint on their clothes (more than likely)
  • Specific artwork outline will be provided, we will be working from a design that has been through a design process beforehand with main organisers. There can be some flexibility to this as to give participants a feeling of ownership to the end mural
Bright orange yowie that is at one end of the mural in Woden, Canberra.
Happy times painting a mural in Canberra
panda mural
Panda mural hiding in the bushes
Attention to detail, always a winner with painting a mural
mural canberra
Look out for the bunny slippers!
Students participating in the mual workshop
Relaxing and waxing, hanging out painting the Mural in Woden
woden muralist
My final street art as a muralist in Canberra

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