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Which T-Shirt do you Like the Most?

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Which one is your favourite?

After about 15yrs of going, “I’m going to get some T-shirts printed” I’m finally going to get the ball rolling.

So thanks for stopping by to check this out. It is nice and easy, all you have to do is tick your favourite option below. You can also add feedback down the very bottom of the page too, always looking for words of encouragement 🙂

Which one would you wear?
What the Illustration would like like printed onto a T-Shirt

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8 thoughts on “Which T-Shirt do you Like the Most?

  1. It’s hard to say whether I like C or B more (voted for C). Think I mainly voted for the pink one because the colour slaps a little life onto something that is ‘decaying’.

    1. and sorry, last comment, i’d probably want the option for the print to be around 5cmx5cm-ish on the left lapel rather than a full front image, just coz i like my rebelliousness to be subtle these days 🙂

    2. Well, your game plan should be, make sure not to buy one of these bad boys once they go to print and wait for Xmas.

      Oh, and if none sell we can invite Oprah for Christmas so she can hand them out like EVERYONE GETS ONE 😉

  2. Still voting for the colour of A, but I am loving Leon’s comment about printing in on the lapel and A and C would make an awesome pyjama pattern.

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