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Waste Marketing Campaign Illustrations for Shellharbour City Council


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Waste Management Campaign

Waste Management Campaign Design and Illustrations

Shellharbour City Council is committed to implementing initiatives that will make the city a dynamic and vibrant place to live.

HAPPY DECAY was engaged to create a new waste educational campaign through illustrations that will encourage residents to use the right bins to ‘sort out’ their waste – Waste (red), Recycling (yellow) & FOGO (green) bins.

 Different to the usual ‘do this’ or ‘don’t’ do this’ type of messaging, the use of bright colourful designs will assist with positive behaviour change.

Waste Management Campaign
Waste Management Campaign launch with Team and Shellharbour Mayor

Recycling Characters and Truck Design

milk bottles
Milk bottles as part of the recycling characters
recycle art
recycling garbage truck design
Recycling garbage truck design in action
recycling truck
Recycling truck illustration

Domestic Waste Characters and Truck Design

coffee cup
Coffee cup character
rubbish art
Additional domestic waste garbage truck
general waste garbage truck design
Shellharbour City Council domestic waste garbage truck design
Domestic truck
Domestic truck graphics

FOGO Characters and Truck Design

fogo character
FOGO character
fogo art
Additional FOGO characters
FOGO garbage truck design
FOGO garbage truck design
FOGO truck
FOGO truck illustration

The idea to put new designs on garbage trucks initiated the concept of why not have moving murals themed in red, yellow & green colours to help identify with bins. This will help residents quickly identify what truck is approaching but also attract attention in a fun, engaging way.

Waste Marketing Campaign Design Brief

Custom graphics / mural-style garbage trucks require 3 different artworks that have a background, 1-2 characters per artwork/theme & other fun elements.

The 3 different artworks will be themed in their respective colours:

  • Red “Waste, let’s get it sorted” – Landfill items (plastic bags, coffee cups, etc)
  • Yellow “Recycle right” – Recycling (Plastic bottles, cardboard, cans, etc)
  • Green ”If it’s food, it’s FOGO” – FOGO (Food organics, garden organics – food of any type, plants, etc)

They need to be:

  • Colourful, fun & bright
  • Elements of discovery

The artwork needed would be themed with characters in a digital format (most likely vectors). They would be applied to:

  • Garbage Trucks
  • Website landing pages
  • Social posts
  • Digital/print advertising
  • Merchandise (totes, stickers, etc)
Waste Truck
Waste Truck custom illustration
garbage truck design
Garbage truck illustration and design by HAPPY DECAY

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