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Tribal Street Art Characters

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Street Artist Goes Tribal

This illustration has now been painted into street art in Brisbane.

The idea for looking into creating some illustrations as research for some street art murals around mask stemmed from my bear character that was part of the Woden Town Square mural.

Working on a new character for a street art mural. I started my illustration work for this artwork from looking at tribal masks. I really like the bold and simple markings that is common in the masks.

I took inspiration and then started the process of creating my own illustration of a mask. After that, I started on creating a full character using the styling of the mask illustration.

Originally I started using drawing with black and white which let me focus on the markings. Then I started to introduce a slight colour change before going all out with some festive colours.

The final illustration will the base for my next street art mural piece.

tribal mask illustration
tribal mask illustration
tribal mask for mural
Tribal masks research for large mural artwork
tribal character illustration
Character stemming from tribal mask illustration
tribal street art drawing
Combining colors with mask and figures to create large street art work
street art tribal character
Modifying the illustration to be more upbeat and festive
stret art mural
Final mural size needs to be around 6-8metres tall
Finally painted this character as a mural

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