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origami bathead

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Textured Bathead Drawings

As a freelance illustrator, it is always good to experiment with illustration techniques. I wanted to test drive some new texture brushes I bought for drawing with on my iPad Pro.

The aim of these drawings was to experiment with different textures and showing variation by using the same subject matter.

After hearing a story that someone ate a bat I came up with this series of bat head illustrations. The drawings were also influenced by the brain-eating scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

I like the idea of later translating these illustrations into some of my full-scale street art / mural work.

bat virus
Ghostly Bathead Illustration
Bathead Soup
Bat head Soup
Rainbow Bat Head Illustration
Rainbow Bat Head Illustration
Mystical Bat Head
Mystical Bat Head
Oragami Bathead
Origami Bat head

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