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Street Artist Sydney

I’m a street artist and muralist who lives near Sydney on the South Coast and I travel to Sydney for mural work frequently.

As a street artist, I like to work with bold and bright colours. In particular, my work is a touch quirky but is based on positive messages and custom illustrations. I do like aspects of graffiti artist styles too.

bird mural sydney
Street art mural styled bird mural at a Sydney University
stret art in Bendigo
Street Art for Bendigo City Council

One of my street art murals in Sydney was for Stockland Wetherill Park Centre. Other places in Sydney I have painted murals and street art have been in the City, Alexandria, Penrith, Cronulla, Kogarah, and the Paramatta area.

street artist mural
Mural Artist HAPPY DECAY street art at Stockland Sydney
office magpie mural
Mural completed in New Relics Sydney office
Sydney street art
Sydney street art
school mural
Large mural combining street art as part of a makeover of a school in Sydney
penrith graffiti artist
Street art for Penrith City Council Sydney using aspects of graffiti art styles
melbourne street art
Mural art at Canberra University campus
street art in Cronulla
street art in Cronulla

You can view my portfolio of street art if you like.

A recent project I was hired for was creating a mural artwork in Sydney for a SAMSUNG commercial. Below is a screen grab from the commercial showing the mural in the background. They wanted it to be a mural of a graffiti artist vibe.

sydney mural pathway
Street art for SAMSUNG commercial filmed in Sydney
porsche mural
section of a mural painted for Porsche in Sdyeny to help celebrate 75years
Street art bringing colour to this corridor in Brisbane
Sydney Street Artist
Could you imagine this street art on a Sydney wall?
laneway mural
Stylise street art in a laneway
stair case mural
Creating new spaces with street art on this school staircase

Sydney Street Artist

I have lived in Sydney for some time so am familiar with parts of the city.

With my street art, I like to work with public or private walls (inside or outside) or public spaces such as urban environments and parks etc. A lot can be done with creative and bold street art that can give a lift to a neglected or what I call a non-activated space.

cat view
street art cat mural
corridor street art
Sydney department store using street art to activate the corridor

Mural Painter Sydney

As a part of being a street artist, I apply my custom artwork to working as a mural painter. I do all my own illustration work for my mural art.

mural toilet block
Wanting a colourful mural in Sydney harbour

Street Art in Sydney

Sydney is home to a vibrant street art scene, and there are plenty of places throughout the city where you can see some amazing murals and street art. Here are a few suburbs to check out:

Newtown Street Art

This inner-west suburb is known for its street art scene. Wander down King Street and its surrounding lanes to see some incredible works of art.

You might see some murals painted by Sindy Sinn.

Surry Hills Art Murals

This trendy neighbourhood is also home to some great street art. Wander around the backstreets and laneways to find some hidden gems.

Keep a look out for the Sydney mural artists Sophi Odling and Nico Nicoson.

Bondi Beach Murals

The beachside suburb of Bondi is home to some impressive murals and street art installations. Take a stroll around the backstreets and alleyways to discover some hidden treasures.

Mulga the Artist has one of his murals painted on the Bondi Beach wall.


This up-and-coming neighbourhood is home to a lot of street art, thanks in part to the annual Beams Festival. Check out the walls around Kensington Street and Spice Alley for some impressive pieces.

The Rocks

This historic neighbourhood has a lot of street art to discover. Look out for murals and installations around Playfair Street and the back alleys around George Street.

Remember, street art can be found in unexpected places, so keep your eyes peeled as you explore the city!

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