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Mural at the Manufactor in Penrith

A new artwork by HAPPY DECAY was added to the Sydney street art collection as part of the Penrith Street Art Festival, Walls Out West.

The street art festival in Penrith was at the Manufactor in Penrith, 2115-2131 Castlereagh Rd.

The street art showcases a diverse range of techniques and playful imagination. making use of bold and vector styles linework through to textual shading and water washing with paint.

Sydney Street Art

This street art also combined elements of a graffiti-style text background with skateboard-style graphics on top.

mural grid
Using a simple circle grid to sketch out the artwork for the mural
mural process
Sydney street art process with some paint added
kitty mural
Playing with typography and layers
street artist happy decay
Street artist HAPPY DECAY painting in Sydney
donut eye mural
Yellow sweet donut eye mural
mural techniques
Mural techniques of thick and thin linework
mural shading technique
Mural shading technique
happy decay teddy
stencil street art
Using stencil street art techniques
graffiti wall art
Graffiti combined street art in Sydney
Bold lines and stylised shading
Bold lines and stylised shading
Egg flower street art
Egg flower street art
street art photographers
Getting a photo with two street art photographers
graffiti street art Sydney
Graffiti street art in Sydney

Street Art Sydney History

Sydney’s street art history is a multifaceted journey that has unfolded over several decades. Originating in the 1960s and 1970s, it began with graffiti tags and stylized lettering on trains and walls, gradually evolving into a more diverse and vibrant art form. In the 1980s, the iconic Bondi Beach Sea Wall became a focal point for street art, featuring murals by artists like Andrew “Sid” Tapia and Shane Nagle.

The 1990s saw a shift towards stencils and stickers, diversifying the art scene. Notable artists such as HaHa and Jumbo contributed to this movement. Stencil art, in particular, gained global attention, partly due to the influence of international street artist Banksy, who left his mark on Sydney during a visit.

The Inner West suburbs, particularly Newtown, have played a significant role in fostering street art. Newtown’s King Street is renowned for its ever-changing collection of murals, paste-ups, and stencil art. In recent years, street art festivals and legal spaces provided by councils have contributed to the growth of the scene. Some artists have achieved international acclaim, further elevating Sydney’s status in the global street art community.

Sydney’s street art has also been embraced by city officials and property owners, who recognize its potential in urban regeneration. Through commissioned murals, it has not only beautified the city but also served as a platform for artistic expression and social commentary. The dynamic and ever-evolving street art scene continues to enrich Sydney’s cultural landscape.

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