Sydney School Mural Workshop

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Mural Workshop at Sydney School

Sydney School Wenona as a part of their week of exploring self-expression week wanted to have a mural workshop for around 100 of their students.

With the mural workshop, I had to break the students up into groups of about 30 students each. The wall was about 15metres in length and each student had enough room around one another to paint.

The first part of the mural workshop was conducted online with a video presentation and I provided mural workshop sheets for the students to fill out.

students mural workshop in Sydney
Students mural workshop in Sydney

With the student’s feedback in regards to the overall mural design, I then present a selection of mural concepts before selecting and refining one for the murals to be painted over the workshop duration.

The mural workshop was a success which ran over two days. All the students enjoyed themselves and had fun participating in the painting of the wall.

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