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Mural Artist Sydney

As a Sydney mural artist provider who lives on the South Coast, just below Sydney, I focus on finding my mural work in city regions to provide an income for my life as a muralist. I travel anywhere in Australia for painting murals or street art.

I have painted a number of murals in Sydney now, locations such as Penrith, Wetherill Park and Kogarah.

sydney mural
Mural in Sydney Stockland store
street art in Bendigo
Street Art in Bendigo
sydney mural art
Mural at a Sydney Art festival
penrith graffiti artist
Working with Penrith City Council in brightening up some of the urban areas
street artist gold coast
Super fun mural artwork
public street art
Strolling by street art in public space
Street art bringing colour to this corridor
street art
Highlighting the values of the YWCA centre in Canberra with a mural

Sydney Muralist

My focus on painting murals is to be bright, happy, and with a touch of quirkiness. As a muralist I like painting large walls and urban streetscapes. I work with commercial and community groups in the Sydney region.

You can view my folio of work as a mural artist on this website.

cafe kukulas mural
This was a large custom mural for a feature wall in a restaurant
woden street art
Public space street art, making things more colourful on the way to work

Mural Sydney Harbour Bridge

For the NYE going into 2020, I was part of the event for creating a mural as part of the fireworks celebration. I painted a mural as a live event at Cahill Expressway which overlooked Circular Quay facing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was a project for Roads and Maritime.

I painted this mural as part of the Sydney New Years celebrations
woden mural
Mural in shopping centre
woden mural
Mural in Woden Town Square – Canberra Street Artist
farm street art
Street Art meets the Farm

Sydney Mural Experience

My first experience of painting a mural in Sydney was when a renowned Sydney mural artist gave me a call to come along and assist in painting a mural in Hurstville. As a street artist, this was a great experience to have and gave me some good insights into my own mural practice.

urban street art
Urbans makeover with street art in Canberra

Even on the occasion when I’ve been painting larger murals I will get the help of other artists or community groups whom we might work in as a mural workshop.

sydney mural artist
Bright and happy with a touch of quirkiness street art mural

Back to the Sydney mural story. For this street art, I was lucky as I was the mural assistant, I had to travel to Sydney which was easy enough. Being the assistant mural artist takes a lot of the pressure off as I got to focus on the application of the artwork.

It was great to get to hang out with another mural artist and chat shop while working. Most times when working onsite it is just being on your own painting the wall mural.

Another Mural Painter

A bonus to the day was meeting Elizabeth a mural artist from Melbourne who was painting next to us at the Sydney mural site.

mural painting in Sydney
Melbourne mural artist Elizabeth in Sydney

Day of Mural Art Done

After the day of painting, the mural looked to be about a third of the way done but I had to make the drive back home. Would of be fun to stick around till the end but had to get home to my own client work.

The funny thing was when I did get home there was an email from a Sydney school wanting a mural done. Looks like I will be heading back to Sydney sooner then I thought.

urban street art
Some street art I did for University of Canberra

If you like to see more of street art and mural work, you can find it in the menu above under showcase.

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