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Mural Artist Sydney

I live on the South Coast, just below Sydney and I focus on finding my work in Sydney or Canberra region. I travel most places in Australia when it comes to painting murals or for street art work.

As a mural artist I was so stoked when I got the call from a renowned Sydney artist to come along and assist in painting a mural in Hurstville. As a street artist, this was a great experience to have.

woden mural
Mural in Woden Town Square – Canberra Street Artist

For this mural I was lucky as I was the mural assistant, I had to travel to Sydney which was easy enough. Being the assistant mural artist takes a lot of the pressure off me as I got to do the fun side of sketching and painting the artwork.

cafe mural
Showcasing street art painted as a mural that could be used in a cafe

It was great to get to hang out with another mural artist and chat shop while working. Most times when painting a mural it is just being on your own splashing away with the paint.

Another Mural Artist

A bonus to the day was meeting Elizabeth a mural artist from Melbourne who was painting next to us at the Sydney mural site.

mural painting in Sydney
Melbourne mural artist Elizabeth in Sydney

Day of Mural Art Done

After the day of painting, the mural looked to be about a third of the way done but I had to make the drive back home. Would of be fun to stick around till the end but had to get home to my own client work.

Sydney Mural Painter
Assisting Sydney Mural Painter Mulga the Artist

The funny thing was when I did get home there was an email from a Sydney school wanting a mural done. Looks like I will be heading back to Sydney sooner then I thought.

urban street art
Some street art I did for University of Canberra

If you like to see more of street art and mural work, you can find it in the menu above under showcase.

Recent Work

HAPPY DECAY = Bjarni Wark

Originally I was trained in fine arts with a focus on illustration, drawing and letterpress (hand set typography). Later on I learnt Photoshop and Illustrator along with other modern digital illustration techniques.

Now with this combination of traditional & digital drawing I love to work with commercial work from small book type illustration, through to poster and full mural painting sized illustration / digital art.

Happy to chat via mobile: 0431 104 026 / Instagram / Send a Message

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