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SXSW Sydney for INVNT

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SXSW Sydney is a convergence of film, music, and interactive media festivals and conferences. SXSW Sydney featured a wide range of programming, including film screenings, music showcases, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and exhibitions, focusing on innovation and creative industries.

Unleash Your Creative and Mental Potential at SXSW

SXSW Sydeny’s inaugural year featured a remarkable 1,178 sessions and events, welcoming over 287,000 attendees and participants from 41 countries.

Performed on the official ‘Discovery Stage’ presented by INVNT® in the Tech & Innovation Expo at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).

The overall theme of the talk was an immersive experience designed to help you feel happy, healthy, and energised for SXSW and beyond. Led by Leah Simmons, founder of KAAIAA, people got to experience a mini KAAIAA session that blends fitness, mindfulness, and self-expression.

Happy Decay and Owen Leach, renowned street artist and typographer, collaborated live to create a unique digital mural inspired by the emotion and power of KAAIAA. At the end of the session, the audience was gifted the digital mural, a reminder of your newfound strength, resilience, and creativity.

The digital mural artwork used inspiration from the collective meetings with INVNT, Leah Simmons, and Typographer Owen Leach. With reference material supplied by Leah Simmons and typography created by Owen based on one of the core teachings of KAAIAA ” I can do this, I am doing this”, HAPPY DECAY was able to combine his positive style of illustration to the artwork.

Curated by Adam Harriden, Executive Creative Director of INVNT APAC, the experience was a must for anyone looking to elevate their SXSW experience and tap into their full potential.

Curated by Adam Harriden
Curated by Adam Harriden, Executive Creative Director of INVNT APAC
artwork lines
The foundation linework of the illustration
Owen Leach and HAPPY DECAY on stage at SXSW Sydney. Photo @invnt and #INVNTxSXSW
digital artwork ipad pro
The digital illustration was created on an iPad Pro
Photographing the artwork. Photo @invnt and #INVNTxSXSW
Leah Simmons, founder of KAAIAA presenting at SXSW Sydney
SXSW Sydney colours
Adding colours and textures to the illustration
bjarni wark sxsw
Onstage collaboration. Photo @invnt and #INVNTxSXSW
SXSW Sydney artwork
Final artwork for the digital mural displayed on the large stage screen at SXSW Sydney
Audience participation. Photo @invnt and #INVNTxSXSW
iPhone wallpaper
The artwork was also created to be cropped and work as a mobile screensaver/wallpaper

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