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Street Artist at Trafalgar Lane in Brisbane

Tralagar Lane is a residential project by the The Pellicano Group.

I was one of three street artists selected to create a piece of street art for the laneway in Brisbane at Trafalgar Lane. My wall was a grey corridor within the building.

Trafalgar Lane is a boutique and urban laneway located in the heart of Brisbane’s inner-city located opposite the Gabba. Featuring contemporary apartments, an array of restaurants and eclectic street art.

A brief video overview of Trafalgar Lane:

The street art I created was colourful, vibrant and a touch quirky. A nice surprise for people having to use this otherwise grey corridor.

Majority of the street art was done with aerosol and some finer details where added with marker pens and brush.

street art at Trafalgar Lane Brisbane
Brisbane street art bringing some playful light to this corridor
trafalgar lane street art lcoation
Trafalgar Lane, the stree art is located about half way along the laneway
detail of street art eye
Hands up if you like street art
mural leg art
The colours sat nicely on the grey background
metallic paint used in street art
Beautiful bold colours used in the street art
soft shading mural eye
Keeping an eye on things in Brisbane
street art leg
Detail of the leg
copper metallic paint
Used a metallic paint to add another layer to the street art.
tribal markings street art
Some additional tribal markings
The street art is visible from the main thoroughfare
aerosol paints
Colour selection for the mural in Brisbane

For those people asking about the colours used in the street art, here they are.

  • Loop – Copper 402
  • Loop – Manchester 136
  • Loop – San Marino 248
  • Loop – Brescia 253
  • Gold Montana – Shock Brown Dark S8020

This street art originated from a series of tribal illustrations I created.

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