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Street Art for Tennis ACT

tennis mural

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Shipping container gets a new lease of life with Street Art

The Shipping container at Tennis ACT Lyneham in Canberra is being used as a gym facility. Though in its state before the mural it was non-inviting and had a slight feeling of neglect. This is not the intention at all and the effort that was already going into the activation of this space.

The idea of having the shipping container with a makeover would be ‘the more effort put into the container, the more will come out of it’.

Combining the philosophy of “Upwards & Onwards” and the idea of energy, movement and a reference to tennis the mural applied to the shipping container has made it a new asset for the club.

shipping container art
The original state of the shipping container before the street art make over
The final street art improved the shipping container
shipping container mural
Aspects of Canberra nature tie in with the mural
paint street art
Mixing paint for the mural, lovely patterns
mural details
Elements of power and movement for the street art
mural typograghy
Combining in some motivational text with the street art
tennis mural
Use of highlights with the tennis balls
shipping container needs mural
Needing some love
after mural
Improved space through a colourful mural

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