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Spray Paint Practice

graffiti wings

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Graffiti Art Practice Wall

This is my homemade spray paint practice wall. Probably calling it a graffiti wall is silly but more of an aerosol skilling-up art wall.

Here I keep a record of the artwork as I build up my aerosol skills. I do paint over it to make room for trying out new ideas or art techniques I am trying to upskill in.

Graffiti Techniques & Tricks

Some of the graffiti techniques I am learning are gradients/fades and then better control over outlines. Cutting back is a super handy trick too.

Lots of these painting techniques I pick up when getting to hang out with graffiti artists and I watch and learn. Other things I just started to understand better are how the cans work, in some ways you can use them like an airbrush or other times like a marker pen.

spray paint flower
Spray paint flower
flower detail
Spray paint flower detail
trying to create jelly vibes
graffiti flower
Graffiti flower experiment
graffiti practice wall
graffiti practice wall
graffiti dog
Trying out new ideas
graffiti tones
Learning to add depth and highlights with spray cans
jelly graffiti
Practicing jelly graffiti style
graffit styled bird
Traditional artist painting mixed with graffiti-style bird street art
plant on the left using only 3 colours from leftover cans
aerosol leaf drawing
gradients graffiti
graffiti practice with gradients
glass eye graffiti
Glass eye graffiti practice
flower graffit
flower and water droplets graffiti practice
graffiti boat
What started out as a seed turned into an eye boat
graffiti fades
graffiti fades from warm to cool
graffiti pattern
graffiti pattern style

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