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Spray Can Artists & Aerosol Art

HAPPY DECAY has been using spray cans to paint large street art murals along with smaller art-related projects. As a Spray Paint Artist, you can find his works painted in cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

The street art and murals painted by HAPPY DECAY always have a fun element to them and times a refined art styling too. The use of spray cans allows for a range of different art techniques to help bring a mural to life.

spray paint artist
Using spray paint for creating a piece of street art
spray paint flower
spray paint flower
spray paint artist
Spray Paint Artist HAPPY DECAY using spray cans to paint a mural

With spray cans, you can do a nice mix of faded colours and blends then use them to create solid block colours. By using cans it makes it easier to swoop from one colour to the next. If you are using paint from a tin then you need to get a clean brush or roller.

Traditionally spray cans are used by people who like to do graffiti as an art form. You would find interesting letterforms and other characters created by spray painting.

cronulla street artists
Using spray cans as part of the painting process for this mural
bird mural sydney
Street art mural styled bird mural at a University campus
spray paint mural
Using a combination of brush and spray paint for this street art.
street artist mural
Mural Artist HAPPY DECAY street art at Stockland Sydney
spray paint ping pong table
Spray paint cans used to paint a ping pong table
glass graffiti
Spray can painting of glass graffiti styling
mackay mural
A large mural painted in Mackay Queensland
mural westfiled penrith
Using aerosol paint cans to create a mural
graffiti styled bird spray cans
Spray paint artist painting mixed with graffiti-style bird mural
spray paint leaf
Aerosol leaf painting
mural art graffiti
Street Artist HAPPY DECAY with his art.
Shipping container mural
Shipping container mural using spray paint
flower mural wall
Using stylised flowers as part of street art in an industrial laneway
cat Spray Paint Artist
Spray Paint Artist

Spray Paint Artist

If you are looking at having a mural painted by an aerosol artist or some street art for your personal or community space then contact HAPPY DECAY to discuss your needs and get a quote.

When in Canberra HAPPY DECAY buys spray cans from Sancho’s Dirty Laundry which ash a range of aerosols by companies like Loop, MTN Australia. They also stock a range of marker pens and other graffiti related art supplies.

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