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Social Media Murals for Engagement

digital mural art

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Engaging Murals for Social Media

The following was a series of digital art created to be painted as murals for an evening community festival in the Sydney area. The idea was to have the murals to encourage social media moments.

The mural designs worked as stand-alone artwork and as an engagement tool. There is the opportunity for the public to take photos standing in front of the murals to become a part of the art and share them on social media platforms.

The mural artworks could engage children through to adults in a fun way.

smiling digital art
Using fun-styled murals to engage the public
shipping container mural
Having fun with the mural art for selfies
happy digital artist
Mural to work on its own as well as used for photographs
digital artist mural
Social media engaging murals for adults and children
happy ballons public art mural
The happy mural as public art
fun digital art
Showing how murals can be used for social media and public engagement
mural on shipping container
mural on shipping container

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