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Ski & Snowboard Packaging Design

packaging design

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Brand Design using Custom Graphics & Illustration

ANTICORP needed a rebrand, a distinct look and feel for its quality ski and snowboarding products.

What I created was a unique graphic illustration style of branding. A distinct unique feel that I then applied to all their product packaging.

Sales Went Up

Once the new branding and packaging design were made public it helped the product to sell itself. Previously the packaging didn’t stand out that well and it had a harder time getting noticed without the help of a salesperson.

brochure design
The custom graphics were then used in the sales brochure
Strong branding made the brand of Anticorp products easy to see
The packaging branding work well across all products
packaging branding
Illustration as branding applied to goggle packaging
packaging using illustration
The custom branding was easy to apply to any packaging

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