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Skateboard Graphic Artist

One of the legends of being a skateboard artist was Jim Phillips who was the art director for Santa Cruz skateboards. After seeing Jim’s illustration style and bold graphics it has in some ways influenced my deck drawings.

There are a lot of great influences when it comes to skateboard deck art which is showcased on the pro skateboarders decks of this sport.

As I create new skateboard graphic art for skate decks I will add the graphics here for review. I also have some other illustration work on my website too.

If you are looking for a skateboard graphic artist then please get in contact as I would love to chat about doing a design and custom illustration for your decks.

I’m happy to help out with creating a design brief if you don’t already have one. The brief is handy to help give direction and keeping the project on track and meeting expectations.

Skateboard Illustrator

Here are some of my illustrations and graphics for skateboard deck art.

skateboard graphic art
skateboard graphic artist with his illustration
skateboard deck art

The following graphics create for this skateboard deck was based around creating a new creature from a crab and that of an Aztec warrior mask.

skateboard graphic design
skateboard graphic design

This next drawing was of an imaginary penguin owl creature, mainly to do with keeping your eyes open and focusing on what’s ahead.

skateboard graphic artist
Skateboard graphic art and illustration
drawing of a bouncing crazy ball
Custom illustration for skateboarding art
skateboard graphic design
skateboard graphic design
zombie drawing
Floating Zombie

As a skateboard illustrator, this was a fun illustration to create of a bloppy skull creature just using two colours. I made it interesting by using textural elements. The artwork could be printed as a one colour screen if printed on a black deck or any dark colour.

Skateboard Graphic Artist
Skateboard Graphic Artist & illustrator HAPPY DECAY
Custom graphics for a skateboard
Custom graphics for a skateboard

Skateboard Deck Art

One of my first requests as an illustrator was for an overseas client asking about custom skateboard deck illustrations for skateboard deck art.

The project got put on the back burner for now though this is a skateboard illustration that is up for sale now.

You can view more of my work on my website in the illustration section too.

skateboard deck illustrator
Graphic art for skateboard deck
skull neon drawing
Custom illustration for skateboard deck art

I have a diverse drawing skillset for creating graphics so be sure to look through my website and let’s chat if there is a style you like.

Skatepark Street Artist

I also do work as a skatepark street artist too.

skatepark mural
Mural makeover for a skatepark

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