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Skatepark Street Artist

One of my focuses through street art is being a mural painter for skateparks. You could call me a skate park street artist. I also do work as a skateboard artist too.

By combining colourful graphics and illustration into the mural design as part of placemaking, street art can help rejuvenate the general feeling of a skatepark and its surroundings.

Street Art for Skatepark Mural

The following street art was done for the Shellharbour council in NSW. The skate park over time had slowly been getting targeted for tagging and graffiti and the council wanted to give it a fresh new look.

As a cross-section for people who use the park from school children, teenagers and parents with young kids the mural design and style had to be considerate of the age range.

The street art that was painted covered two different styles that merged in the middle. It used influences from graffiti, simple forms as well as that of colourful pattern-based art.

Albion Park street art at the skate park
skate park street art
Graffiti styled street art
Pattern-based mural at skatepark
Skatepark Street Artist
Street artist painting inspired from the skatepark mural
skate park mural art
skate park mural art
skate park street art
Street art make over for South Coast skate park for Shellharbour City Council.
skatepark mural
Graffiti influenced style mural

Skate Park Mural in Canberra

This was another mural I painted at a skate park in Canberra. It was connected to a Youth Centre and was part of the main entrance to the building.

The artwork was selected from a couple of design concepts presented to the young people who use the facilities at the youth centre.

skate-park mural
Street art painted at a skatepark in Canberra
skatepark mural
Fun graghics paitned as part of teh mural
mural workshop
Some of the nearby high school students helping paint the mural
skatepark mural
Using street art to rejuvenate a skatepark in Canberra
positive mural words
Using positive words related to the youth centre in the street art

Skateboard Artist

I also like to do illustration and graphics as a skateboard artist too.

skateboard graphic art
skateboard graphic artist with his illustration

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