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Shellharbour City Council Skate Park Revitalisation

skatepark mural

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Street Art Brings a Positive Change to Albion Park Rail Skate Park

This mural is located at the Skate Park in Albion Oval, corner of Tongarra Road and Ave Avenue, Albion Park Rail. This street art commission aims to create an artwork that is reflective of, and valued by the local community, businesses and visitors.

The street art adds a vibrancy to the area and exposes the community to contemporary urban art forms.

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Albion Park Rail is a suburb of Shellharbour Local Government Area, with an estimated resident population of 7,000 in 2020. Albion Park Rail has been an area of high graffiti and tagging activity in recent years.

The project aims to reduce incidences of illegal graffiti, particularly in areas that are highly activated by community facilities.

Shellharbour City Council requested the street art focused on the below aims:

  • Create a distinctive, contemporary public artwork with significant visual impact;
  • Respond to site, place and people;
  • Create opportunity for discovery and interpretation;
  • Improve amenity and activate spaces;
  • Discourage graffiti and tagging;
  • Demonstrate artistic excellence in concept, design and execution.
skate park mural
Street art character taking the form of the skate ramp
Albion park skate park mural
Albion park skate park mural
ramp street art
Interesting urban street art at Albion Park
playing on the ramp
Vibrant colours bring the skate park to life

Street Artist Statement

This particular street artwork is the fusion of two forms of art that I enjoy painting. When you view the work at either end of the ramps they are quite different but through the centre of the skatepark, they start to merge and overlap becoming one. One is pattern-based and the other is more influenced by a graffiti urban style of street art.

Both styles of this street art are linked through bright colours and contrast.

The work itself can be enjoyed from a distance while also when being up close you can enjoy further details of the work. I wanted the street art to bring a new vibrance to the park so people could further enjoy hanging out there with a positive vibe to it.

Close up of street art at the skate park
Close up of street art at the skate park
Street art patterns at Albion skatepark
Street art patterns at Albion skatepark
Showing mural detail
Showing mural detail
kids in skate park
Kids enjoying hanging out at the skate park
colourful eye street art
Keeping an eye on things
Urban street art
Urban street art
skate park scotter rider
Taking the drop on the skate park
New street art for Albion Park
New street art for Albion Park
urban street art styles
A combination of street art styles for the ramp

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