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Street Artist for Urban Activation of Shared Spaces

One of my main services being an Activation Artist art is looking at urban activation within shared spaces. Making a shared space a more enjoyable experience for the people who have to use it.

Activation Artist

As an Activation Artist designing for the interaction of people within the space, you need to consider several angles of how the interaction will be. In general the most obvious is how people will first see the street art how it functions within the space and how it relates to them individually and as a community.

It is good to study the general pedestrian use and flow of people within the space. From this, you can start to tie in an overall story with the use of street art.

bendigo mural play
Artist activation of a public shared space

Public Park Activation

The riverside Park amenity block was activated with a wall artwork to help integrate the facility into its surroundings.

community mural
Community mural activation

University of Canberra Space Activation

This street art project at the University of Canberra used custom artwork that told a story that flowed from the main feature of a ping pong table.

street art canberra
Urban makeover with street art at Canberra University

Sydney Street Party & Street Art

This street art was completed within a 6-hour time frame. It was a live mural painting performance as part of the New Year’s celebration in Sydney.

The location was on the Cahill Expressway which overlooked Circular Quay facing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The street art was at the main entrance where thousands of people passed on the night. The street art was used to help create an atmosphere of celebration within the space.

urban activation
Quick turnaround urban activation street art for New Year’s Eve 2020

Woden Town Square Activation

Woden Town Centre space activation

Urban Activation Near School

This electrical box outside a school in Canberra was a hot spot for graffiti. By creating street art that gave a positive and happy message helped improve the overall urban location.

bus shelter street art
Creating an activated space with street art in front of a public school
colourful mural entrance
Entry activation to Stockland in Sydney

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