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Quirky Cat Mural

textures of mural

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Cat Mural Street Art

This quirky cat mural was painted in Riverside Park in Moruya. It was another self-funded/donated mural by HAPPY DECAY for the community to enjoy.

It was painted on a community toilet block with permission from the Eurobodalla Shire Council.

The cat mural uses a combination of techniques from texture, linear, and block colour.

cat mural
Cat mural
cat looking mural
toilet block with cat artwork
cat whiskers
textures and colour of the mural
cat face
Street art used to paint a cat
textures of mural
textures of cat murals
cat wall mural
Fun cat and bird mural
cat textures
For the love of mural textures
smile cat
smiley cat mural

Cat Sticker

I liked this mural so much that I made a sticker out of it, a bit different but has the same vibes. if interested you can buy the cat sticker on my website

Meow Cat Sticker


This sticker comes with FREE POSTAGE. Height is 75mm. Stick on your laptop, mobile or anywhere really to give it the weird bling. The clear stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a strong adhesive, making them waterproof, scratchproof and made to last.

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On the other side of the toilet block is another mural depicting a colourful artist’s impression of the town of Moruya.

wall art mural
Riverside mural

How to Paint a Cat

Painting a cat is like capturing a piece of their soul on canvas. It’s a beautiful journey of love and connection with these graceful creatures. Let’s embark on this delightful adventure together:

  1. Prepare with love: Gather your materials and set up a cozy corner where you can immerse yourself in the magic of painting.
  2. Sketch with care: With gentle strokes, sketch the outline of your beloved feline friend. Feel their essence as you bring their form to life on the canvas.
  3. Fill with warmth: With a tender touch, block in the base colors of their fur, each stroke infused with the warmth of your affection. Let their unique colors and patterns emerge, mirroring the beauty of their spirit.
  4. Detail with devotion: As you add details, pour your heart into each brushstroke. Capture the sparkle in their eyes, the softness of their whiskers, and the texture of their fur with a loving hand.
  5. Cherish the eyes and nose: The eyes are windows to their soul, and the nose, a boopable delight. Paint them with all the tenderness in your heart, infusing them with life and expression.
  6. Nurture with patience: Take your time, savoring every moment of the process. Allow the painting to evolve organically, guided by the bond you share with your furry muse.
  7. Embrace imperfections: Celebrate the quirks and nuances that make your cat unique. Embrace imperfections as tokens of their individuality, lovingly woven into the fabric of your artwork.
  8. Bask in the beauty: Step back and admire your creation, overflowing with the love and adoration you hold for your precious companion.
  9. Let it blossom: Allow your painting to dry, like a flower unfurling its petals in the morning sun. Let it bloom into a masterpiece that reflects the depth of your affection.
  10. Sign with love: Seal your creation with a signature, a testament to the love and devotion that went into every brushstroke.

May your painting radiate the love and joy you share with your cherished cat, forever capturing the beauty of your bond on canvas.

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