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Placemaking Artist & Public Art

One of my main focuses as a placemaking artist with street art is to create public artwork that makes a place more visually interesting and enjoyable to experience. By using public art it can help communities connect through colours and underlying themes which resonate with the people and cultures of the area.

With public art and placemaking, the work can range from temporary or permanent work, small or large scale and use any aspect of the styles of art both in the modern-day and that of the past.

Placemaking art can also not just be on walls as a single artwork but extend beyond those boundaries into the street, objects and internals of buildings. An example is the urban mural street art that I painted that flowed through Bendigo Park.

placemaking artist
Placemaking artist at work creating public art
street art mural
Street art helps to make the town centre more colourful and engaging
Using public art in the form of a pavement mural to transform this laneway
Making this urban space more dynamic along with community involvement
walking near placemaking mural canberra
Placemaking mural with the meeting place in Canberra
public art at university
Public art at a Canberra university campus to help welcome first-year students

Public Artist

As a part of my public artist practice, I have focused on understanding ‘place’ and how people interact with it. This can be done through workshopping with communities to gather input on how a space is used or would like to be seen for public use.

Art can help create an enhanced environment for the community to experience and engage with.

mackay mural
Transforming the car park into a new place through public art
Public artist
Public art making a change for pedestrian use in Sydney T-Way
Street art
Using street art to soften the urban elements for students at a university
bendigo mural play
Placemaking with Street Art in Bendigo Park
melbourne school mural
Public art brings colour to a school playground in Melbourne

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