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Penrith Street Art Festival

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Walls Out West

Penrith Street Art Festival, Walls Out West will be held on the 14th-15th of October 2023.

The address for the street art festival in Penrith will be Manufactor, 2115-2131 Castlereagh Rd.

graffiti paint artist
Graffiti paint artist

Penrith Graffiti & Street Artists

An overview of some of the mural, graffiti, and street artists who will be painting at Walls Out West. The majority of the artists will be local to the Western Sydney / Penrith area with other artists from not too far away.

Sam Absurd

Sam Absurd A native of the vibrant western suburbs of Sydney, Sam has spent the last twenty years refining his skills as an aerosol artist. Collaborating with fellow graffiti and street artists from the area, he has cultivated a distinctive and innovative artistic style that distinguishes him from the crowd.

Mista M & Orkaydia

A Sydney based mural-duo who combines Realism Art with Calligraphy. Their walls feature hyper-realistic images surrounded by brush calligraphy painted in complex geometrical patterns. The murals often contain hidden messages or quotes relating to environmental sustainability, mental health, or the trials of the human condition.

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