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Painting a Mural on Shipping Container

prepare for mural on shipping container

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Shipping Container Mural

So I have been painting a few murals on shipping containers lately and thought I would share some tips for painting them.

Shipping containers come in a number of standard sizes. And there are two common types of surfaces, one better than the other for painting murals onto. One has deep ridges/grooves at 90 degrees while the other surface will be a more sloped grove.

The shipping container below has deep ridges/grooves at 90 degrees

shipping container art
cleaning the surface of a shipping container getting ready to paint a mural on it

I know I have to update this page and will do so soon but in the meantime feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

prepare for mural on shipping container
prepare the shipping container for the mural
mural flowers
shipping container mural at a school in Canberra
Shipping container mural
Shipping container mural
shipping container mural
shipping container mural
sydney street art
Shipping container with bright and happy street art
tennis mural
mural on shipping container

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