Non-Slip Paints for School Playground Murals

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Painting a School Play Area

Recently I got asked to come and paint a school playground area in Sydney with some bright educational games on their bitumen playground area.

When it comes to painting I’m normally doing murals and street art on walls or other objects so now I am doing some homework into what types of paints will be durable but also non slip for painting the concrete/bitumen play area.

What I have come across so far is as follows for the painting of bitumen concrete school playgrounds.

Britannia Playground Paint

After some searching online I have come across this paint product by Britannia Paints for schoolyards (Britannia Playground Paint) but at the moment is UK based.

Now to find a school play area paint that is non-slip in Australia, the search continues, will update as I find out more info.

Berger Paints

Berger paints are based in Australia. After speaking with the product person they suggested that it would require using any of the paint products but then using Aqua Tread and True Grip. The downside is the concrete needs to be cured for at least 12 weeks before painting. Then should be etched which is using Active Clean then Jet Dry Active Etch and then once painted it would be a 7-day wait to cure before letting kids run on it.


Another option but not as durable is using Weathershield with an anti-slip texture additive, not as durable as the above but easy to apply.

Resene Tennis Court Coating or Non Skid Paint

Another company offers a non-slip painting material for a non-slip surface.

View for Non Skid

AceKote Tennis / Sports Court Water Borne Paint

A paint product that could do the job, seeing the limitation of colours.

NuCourt Roll Coat

NuCourt Roll Coat is a water-based acrylic coating developed specifically for short nap roller applications to asphalt and concrete sports surfaces.

Thanks to Chris Nixon for letting me know about this one.

MPS PavingĀ 

Based in Melbourne, have a product called Streetbond

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