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Mural Workshop Checklist

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So you may have been contacted to do a mural workshop and want to know some of the steps you should think about?

Now every mural workshop will be a bit different but what I will share is a few of the fundamentals that may need to be thought about.

In general, let’s look at these things to consider for the mural workshop:

  • How many people will you allow to participate?
  • Who will be responsible for the overall design of the mural?
  • How long will each session be, hours and even days?
  • If you are working with children then you will need a “Working With Children Check” (NSW).
  • What participants can and can’t do, eg climbing ladders etc.
  • Food, shelter, water, bathrooms.
  • Where to leave the equipment, ladders, scaffolding, paint etc?
  • Do you need to barricade (bollards) off the area from the public?
  • Cleaning up – rags, drop sheets and washing brushes etc
  • Elevated work Platform Ticket, Yellow card – scissor lift operation
  • Risk assessment scope
  • First aid kit / eyewash

Expand on the above dot points below:

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