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Unsuccessful Mural EOI Feedback

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Feedback on unsuccessful mural EOI applications

Why didn’t you get the mural job? It is always good to get feedback to improve on your next mural application. Below is some feedback on why I wasn’t successful with the mural application.

Monash Pizzey Reserve Mural Project in Sunshine

Thanks for reaching out.  I would firstly like to highlight that your application was strong and scored highly against the selection criteria. We received a larger than usual number of submissions on this occasion which made this round very challenging so the final decision came down to the suitability of the proposed subject matter and style for the location and intended audience, primarily young people and families.  Further detail in this area would have strengthened your application on this occasion.

Bayside Council Mural

One of the criteria we were assessing against in this first stage was a local connection to Bayside in addition to demonstrated experience. Your application did not state any local connections so you did not meet this criteria (we received quite a number who didn’t meet this criteria). We had 34 applications and half of these had a local connection so these were assessed and three submissions shortlisted from this group.

Albury Kiewa Street Carpark Mural Application

We did receive a large number of applications, all of which were an impressive standard, including yours. We needed to assess each application as per the criteria and weighting set out within the EOI document to determine our outcome. 

For this particular project, the ‘Community Benefit’ was one of our top priorities and as such we were looking for more detail in terms of how the community would be engaged both prior to and during the work. 

Whilst we noted that you did list some potential community engagement, we required more specific detail on which demographics of our community as well as how and when they would be engaged.

Although you did note options, we needed to determine a clear direction for our particular community and which groups would be engaged. We did note that you outlined the benefit to local business that you would engage, however we would also like to see this extend to community members beyond the business realm.

Mutch Park Skatepark EOI Submission

We received an overwhelming number of applications, so it was difficult to bring this number to four artists. 

A general feedback comment for applicants that were unsuccessful in the EOI stage is;

Artists that progressed to the mural phase provided an application that had a strong combination of all three below points;

  • a strong written concept statement that outlined the vision for the project, factoring in how their style of artwork could work with the function of the Skatepark and the local area.
  • a portfolio that exhibited experience working in similar projects
  • experience working with youth on a mural project

Hooka Creek (Berkeley) shared pathway commission

Your quote was within our budget and your proposal was very strong. It came across that you knew what materials were required and had extensive practical experience of delivering comparable projects, as well as high artistic merit. In the end the decision came down to which artist was most preferred by the collaborating artists.

Albury Bus Shelter Transformation

Your submission is great. Our team always have you in mind when it comes to new projects. For this one we have identified four bus shelters altogether. Although each one speaks to its specific context, we hope there is a flow to it. There were four other artwork proposals that could tie in better with each other. And we also hope to prioritise local artists where we can, as they are exposed to less opportunity in a regional area.

We believe you would be perfect for the carpark mural in Albury CBD, and will be in contact when this one comes through. (Was rejected for that project too).

Connected Gateways – Application Outcome

Thank you for taking the time to submit a response to the Connected Gateways ‘Request for Quote’. We are very sorry to advise that your application has been unsuccessful in this instance.

The Assessment Panel were all highly impressed with the quality and artistic excellence of your previous mural outputs; the examples of work you included were truly outstanding.

Ultimately, it was a very competitive round and the vague methodology for carrying out the community engagement aspects, as well as a few missing schedules, was what weakened your RFQ submission. That said, you clearly possess a wealth of expertise and innovation in your practice, and our team can envision your vibrant aesthetic positively transforming our community’s experience of place. We will definitely keep you in mind for future Placemaking and Public Art projects.

Simmons St Park Pump Station EOI

For Bolton Park in particular, there were a number of applications that were all appropriate and capable of pulling off a great program which your application was in the mix of. It was one of those instances that we just had to really pinpoint site appeal and the plans for engagement with young people etc.

For Simmons St your application did not come out as strong as others and your style of work seemed better suited to other sites. The panel did take into consideration that your application was written for the Bolton Park site, but found other applications to be more suitable for the site and working with primary aged children.

Her Way Public Artwork pavement design Bayside Council

We had many submissions for the Astridge Lane ‘Her Way’ ground artwork design and it was a tricky process to bring this to one selected artist. 

The submissions that stood out in this process had a specific statement about how their proposed design would address the Transport for NSW ‘Her Way’ project and the site location. This was weighted equally with portfolio, experience, and the understanding of public art.

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