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HAPPY DECAY is a mural designer with a creative professional approach to conceptualizing, designing, and often executing large-scale artworks known as murals. These artworks are typically painted directly onto walls or other surfaces in public spaces, such as buildings, parks, or urban areas.

With a broad skill range and illustration style to design a mural around your requirements.

Porsche Melbourne Murals
Custom mural design for Porshe

What is a Mural Illustrator?

A mural illustrator is an artist specializing in creating illustrations for murals. They begin by conceptualizing ideas for the mural illustration, considering factors such as the purpose, audience, and environment.

mural design
mural illustration

Through sketches or digital mock-ups, they refine the composition, colour palette, and style, often collaborating with clients and stakeholders to ensure alignment with the project’s vision.

cat looking mural
toilet block with a cat mural

Scaling the illustration to fit the mural’s size is crucial, employing techniques like gridding or projection for accurate transfer onto the wall. While not always directly involved in painting, they may guide mural painters during execution, providing colour references and detailing techniques.

Additionally, they add finer details and finishing touches to the painted mural, enhancing its impact. After completion, they evaluate the final result and seek feedback to ensure it achieves its objectives.

Mural illustrators also maintain portfolios showcasing their work to attract potential clients.

live mural painting
Painting a mural design
mural designer
Mural designer HAPPY DECAY on the right at SXSW

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