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Mural Costs & Fees

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How much does a mural cost?

What I am going to do is give a brief outline of the costs to think about when creating a mural quote.

You can view my mural work and get in touch if needing a mural painted.

Please note not all mural artists will use the following method for pricing a mural, it is up to the individual on how they wish to cost a mural project.

sydney mural
A mural I painted and designed for Stockland in Sydney

As each mural in most cases is of different size, location, and specific requirements it is difficult to have a set price for a mural. So hopefully the below information will help set out a guide for costings.

How to charge for murals

Here is a list of items I will further explain as to consider when preparing a mural quote for a client. It is one way to price a mural if you are not sure what to charge. The following are things to consider for the pricing.

  1. Rate per square metre
  2. The illustration / mural design
  3. Location
  4. Material costs

Rate per square metre

If you are going to use this method (not every muralist use this method either) you need to decide on what rate you are going to charge per square metre, this is just for the actual application/painting of the mural (some artist include the whole process in their per m2 rate).

What I have seen here is a wide variation of rates for painting murals. Eg a beginner may charge $50m2 while a professional /in-demand street artist may charge around $500+m2 (it really does vary).

woden wall for painting
Clarifying the mural size and reviewing the location

There is also the consideration if the work is for commercial purposes to that of a non-profit / school etc. Will the mural artwork be used in promotional materials.

The illustration / mural design

Before you paint a mural for a client, in most cases you are going to have to create the design / illustration for the mural first. This is a cost to think about for the client. How are you going to present the illustration to the client and how many concepts and review sessions / feedback changes will you adhere to.

cafe mural
Illustration street art concept painted as a mural that could be used in a cafe

Mural location

There are a few factors to this one if it’s inside or outside, the height of the wall. think about travel costs and if you need to get accommodation.

Do you need to block pedestrian or even car traffic to the area? You really need to check in with the council regulations on painting the mural if you are not sure.

Material costs

This covers the paint you need to buy and if there is any further equipment you may need to hire to paint the mural. Think of scaffolding or scissor lift etc.

With paints, think of how many colours you will need and also check with the client if the wall needs any anti graffiti coating or undercoating before you start.

paint brushes
Tools of the trade for mural painting

Mural costs summary

To wrap up mural costs from what you can see from above there are a few factors to think about for the costings of a mural, there really is no hard-set price but more of a formula to follow to help guide the overall fee for the work. I hope the above helped.

Also for reference is this article on Developing a Price Sheet and Proposal & Mural Lifespan

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