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Mural Brief for Artists

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Mural Artist Brief – What to Include

So you are having to write a mural brief and wanted to know what things would be good to include to help the mural artist have a good insight into your project.

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What I will do is list a few main things to consider to include and let the mural artist know about them.

Mural Brief List

  1. Timeline – When is the mural need to be patined by
  2. Mural Theme – Do you need custom artwork created or already have ideas
  3. Wall Size – How big is the wall and does it need preparation before painting
  4. Mural Lifespan – How long does the mural need to last for
  5. Artist Access – Are there any restrictions on getting access to paint the wall
  6. Decision Makers – Who will be the main contact person


When the mural needs to be completed by lets the mural artist know if they can meet your needs. They may already be booked out for months and you are needing the mural patine tomorrow!

Mural Theme

Regarding the mural theme and if the artist is a good fit for it. There are three types of mural artists when it comes to painting mural artwork

  • Only paint their own style and custom work
  • Can consider your artwork if it aligns with their style
  • Can replicate your artwork

So letting the mural artist know what you are expecting with the mural design is a good thing to clarify.

Wall Size

It is good to have the measurements of the wall ready to send to the artist. Also, it is good to have some photographs of the wall too if a site visit isn’t possible or included in the budget.

Lifespan of Mural

How long does the mural need to last for? The reason for knowing this may require different paints to be used. Some paint like aerosol spray paint colours will not last as long as say house acrylic paints.

Site Access

With access for the artist to the wall does the artist need to paint oustide of business hours or are there any times the artist can paint say for example into the evening?

By knowing the site access times the artist can manage expectations.

Decision Makers

To Keep the mural project running smoothly it is good to know who are the main decsion makes for the project. To have the key peoeple involved is good as there is a process to follow when paiting murals and if the decision makes only gets shown, in the end, they may not be clear on the design why the mural design looks the way it does.

I hope this article has helped with your needs, Feel free to contact me if have further questions about mural briefs too.

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