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Street Art Mural Assistance

From time to time I do look for mural assistants on certain mural and street art projects to help with the painting.

Helping Paint Murals

Depending upon the complexity of the mural that is to be painted I will ask for your prior experience with painting murals or painting in general.

Sometimes no prior skills are needed while other times they will be essential. I will outline those details as a project comes up.

Paid or Volunteer Role

With a paid mural assistant role, I will ask for your day rate and skill level.

Always feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to go on my list of people to get in touch with when I am looking for mural assistants.

mural assistant
An assistant helping paint a mural at a university in Canberra

Mural Volunteers

On some mural projects, I do sometimes make room for people who are wanting the experience of painting a mural and I do cover some basics costs too.

Mural assistant callout – along these lines:

MURAL LOCATION | Mural Assistants | Casual/Freelance

I’m looking for a mural assistant for an upcoming project (casual/freelance basis). If this sounds like you, please drop me an email to EMAIL HERE with your details and day rate.

Prefer if you have some painting experience but not fully necessary as training can be included as part of the work.

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