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Australian Mural Artist

Mural artist HAPPY DECAY is an Australian travelling mural artist. Most of his murals painted are in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. He does travel around Australia for mural work and has also painted murals in Brisbane, Bendigo, Miami Gold Coast and other smaller rural towns.

HAPPY DECAY provides a complete mural service from consultation, mural design, conceptual development, project management, and art curation to final mural installation.

View all of HAPPY DECAYS’ mural projects

Bird mural Sydney
Bird mural concept for Sydney wall
wall art mural
Community mural artist upgrades park toilet block

A big focus of his large-scale paintings as a mural artist is to help create a better public space through art. Placemaking has become an important aspect of his process. Taking into consideration the space and who uses it is important just as much as the visual look of the mural artwork.

street art in Bendigo
Placemaking with street art in Bendigo
bird mural sydney
Mural artist HAPPY DECAYS’ street art styled bird painting in Sydney University
street artist mural
Mural Artist HAPPY DECAY street art at Stockland Sydney
school wall art
School wall mural in Sydney
mural art graffiti
Mural Artist HAPPY DECAY with his art.
public art Canberra Centre
Canberra Centre mural
mackay laneway mural
A large mural painted in Mackay Queensland
mural melbourne school
Street art at a school in Melbourne
mural artist
Mural artist HAPPY DECAY making it smile

Mural Designer

Mural Art Style as a Mural Designer

As a mural designer, I like to work with positive imagery with a little twist of quirkiness. Most of my murals have a bright colour scheme and move from characters to abstract forms.

You can view more of my street art on my website in the showcase section. You can also see my commercial illustration work as well. I specialised in illustration at the Canberra School of Art.

I have worked with several different clients ranging from schools to corporate government departments. Each mural I do is customised around the client’s needs though flavoured with my style of mural art.

Canberra street art mural
Street art helps to make the town centre more colourful and engaging
public street art in melbourne
Community mural in the Melbourne area

I have also painted murals as part of art festivals around Australia, such as Un[contained] in Sydney and Surface Festival in Miami on the Gold Coast.

university street art
Mural art at Canberra University campus
woden mural
Canberra street art mural
magpie painting in office sydney
Mural making a change for the office space in Sydney

So if you want a mural painted and wish to get in contact with me to ask more questions about what I can do for you then please give me a call at 0431 104 026 or you can use my contact email form.

And if you like you can also view all my mural work in my showcase section on this website.

Mural Artist FAQs

How much does a mural cost?

Each mural job has to be priced per job. There are a number of factors to consider when pricing a mural, eg the cost of materials, the development of the design concept and other possible needs for equipment hire.

What is the lifespan of a mural?

How long a mural lasts will depend upon the preparation of the wall, paints used, aerosol or acrylic house paints and then if the mural is located in full sun as opposed to being indoors away from the natural elements.

How do you create a mural design?

An initial design brief will help guide the outcome. With the right questions about the location and the people who use the space HAPPY DECAY will create a concept based on those answers and with further discussion with the client.

How long does it take to paint a mural?

With each mural project, a timeframe will be included for how long it will take to paint. Some time factors will be the detail of the mural, the size and also if the wall is affected by the weather.

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