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Melbourne School Mural for Whitehorse Primary


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Placemaking for Melbourne School with Street Art

Placemaking has become one of my interests through the use of street art / murals for making positive changes in the school environment.

This was a mural project was for a school in the Melbourne area. It was at Whitehorse Primary School in Blackburn North.

The mural was about 30m in length and included working with approximately 250 people mostly were students than teachers and even parents who came to join in too.

The purpose of the mural was to encourage a positive change to both the playground and the learning environment. To help make a change to the overall feeling as students, teachers and parents who would pass through this main area of the school. By using street art in the placemaking process.

Whitehorse Primary School
Whitehorse Primary School before the mural
Whitehorse Primary School Mural
Whitehorse Primary School Mural
Melbourne school mural
The mural focused on encouraging imagination through the artwork
cat street art melbourne
The cat was a popular character in the street art
Peaceful moments mural
Peaceful moments in Melbourne school mural
happy bear mural
Lots of children referred to this artwork as the avocado bear
axolotl mural
Riding in the shaka valley was axolotl on a dinosaur unicorn creature
playground mural
Lots more playful with friends
sun glass mural
A couple of parents/neighbours levelled up on the glasses and unicorn horn
Zeus the zucchini
This part of the mural was referred to as Zeus the zucchini
Fun murals section near school bubbler
bird mural melbourne
Imaginary bird creature
mushroom cat mural
mushroom creature and happy cat mural
smiling mural
All smiles mural
colourful mural
Active and colourful
pinata mural
Pinata party street art
flower mural
mura with flowers at the school
Double shaka with the Whitehorse school logo
Double shaka with the Whitehorse school logo
cat mural in Melbourne
cat mural in Melbourne

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