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Melbourne Public Art for Greater Dandenong Council

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Melbourne Street Activation using Street Art & School Mural Workshop

This public art project was completed in Noble Park, a Melbourne suburb in the Greater Dandenong region. The street art project was an initiative of the placemaking department at the Greater Dandenong Council.

As a street artist and placemaking role, I was tasked with making a positive change to a public space for thoroughfare and parking by the community. The goal was to make the experience more enjoyable and bring some extra life to the urban environment. To create a more pedestrian-friendly/easy to navigate area.

To add to the playfulness of the street art, the mural will become more dominant in the winter as the garden trees shed their leaves. In the summertime, the mural will sit behind the trees and make for a combined landscape scene.

Street Art Site Considerations

  • Playful and bright mural artwork on the wall
  • Imagery and visual connection to Commonwealth Bank Lane artwork
  • Human scale, pedestrian orientated artwork.
  • Note the white interpretive sign on the wall. New mural artwork must respectfully work around the interpretive signage.
  • Challenge will be working around existing trees.
  • Commonwealth Bank Lane is 1 of 2 existing pedestrian laneways in Noble Park. There will be a stronger focus on creating more pedestrian-friendly/easy to navigate routes across Noble Park in the future. Buckley’s Lane (which the 2B Leonard Ave wall abuts) will have a stronger public realm/pedestrian focus in the future. Currently, it opens onto a public car park. New temporary public artwork/mural in this location will be an opportunity to start to communicate that this area will have a stronger pedestrian focus in the future.

School Mural Participation

Towards the end of the mural two local schools, Noble Park Primary and St Anthony’s Primary students were invited to help paint the mural too. It was great to have the students become a part of the mural painting process to help make the urban streetscape more engaging for people.

before mural painted
Site for the mural to be painted
mural wall preperation
Preparation of the wall with an undercoat for the mural
colourful mural design
The filtered light of the leaves makes for a delightful colour fusion
Playful mural design in Melbourne
Playful mural characters in Melbourne
community mural project
Community mural project in Noble Park
bee mural
Bees in the trees
public art mural
Changing the urban environment with public art
school students mural workshop
Melbourne school students’ mural workshop
tree and mural in background
Relaxing in the background during summer when trees’ leaves are out
students doing chalk artwork
Students help paint the mural and also do chalk artwork
bird mural
A bird calling out in the mural
public art
Change the streetscape with the public art
mural block colours
Some close up of the block colour of the mural
Melbourne street art students
Melbourne street art students
playful mural noble park
A fun and playful mural for Noble Park in Melbourne

Nearby Pavement Mural in Laneway

View: Melbourne Pavement Mural for Greater Dandenong

start pavement mural
Pavement mural in Melbourne

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