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Melbourne Pavement Mural for Greater Dandenong Council

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Melbourne Pavement Mural Artist

This was a pavement mural project as part of a placemaking public artwork to help make the laneway more accessible and inviting to use.

Laneway Mural

This laneway mural is diverse but also inclusive with its colours and bold shapes and patterns. The artwork is to help invite and welcome people to use the laneway as an enjoyable experience of moving from one place to another.

The mural was painted in Noble Park for Greater Dandenong Council. Noble Park is about a 30-minute drive from the heart of Melbourne.

The pavement mural was 46m long and 3m wide and connected the main street to a rear car park and other pathways to access other areas of the Noble Park shopping area.

Laneway Mural Site Considerations

  • Playful and bright artwork
  • Plays off the colour palette of surrounding retailers
  • No wording in the artwork
  • Maintain conspicuity through a difference in colour between the pavement and walls, and pavement and bollard so that DDA passage for visually impaired users through the laneway is not compromised
  • Avoid spatial trickery/illusions making things appear to be a different size / length (say painting steps where there are none)
  • Avoid including anything that could be mistaken for a traffic control device at the ends of the laneway
  • The artwork is to remain for 2-5 years. Council to maintain artwork during this period
  • Council are able to pressure wash surfaces prior to the installation of works.

Another place making mural I painted in the Melbourne area was for the City of Greater Bendigo Council. Also if you like to view more of my street art projects you can see these in my showcase section.

pavement mural Melbourne
Pavement mural Melbourne
Bold colours and shapes for the pathway mural
laneway mural
Laneway mural in the Melbourne area
pavement mural
Pavement mural in Melbourne
A section of the laneway mural
pavement street art
The pavement mural joined a car park to the main street
mural close up
A diverse colour palette was used with bold shapes for the mural in the laneway
mural patterns
Fun patterns help shape the alleyway mural
street art mural melbourne
The pavement street art included the wall
bold mural shapes
Bold mural shapes help to form the overall long mural
46m long pavement mural in Noble Park
46m long street art mural in Noble Park painted for Greater Dandenong Council
alley mural
Wrapping the mural up onto the wall
Pattern mural in Noble Park near Melbourne

Nearby Mural

If interested I also painted a mural about 500 meters away to help activate a car park area with the help of two local school students.

melbourne street art
A fun and playful mural for Noble Park in Melbourne

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