Live Street Artist Painting at Woden Arts Fair

woden town square mural area

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Street Artist at Woden Arts Fair Canberra

This street art is now completed, view it here: Woden Arts Fair

On the 7th of December, I will be live painting creating a street art mural at the Woden Arts Fair in Canberra.

I will be painting a mural on the hoardings at the base of the Lovett Tower in Woden Town Square.

woden town square hoardings
Canberra – Woden town square hoardings that will be getting painted as part of the Arts Fair

There will a number of other street artists painting on the day too.

Street Art Brief

This is a family-friendly event aimed at connecting the wider community with projects/groups/organisations providing arts opportunities in Woden. There will be music and dance performances, food and drink vans, market stalls, drop-in art workshops and other participatory arts activities.

All of the organisations, artists and groups involved provide arts opportunities or facilities to the Woden community.

Street Artists can start the artwork before the event if needed – under the condition there is also painting during the event on the 7th December

Mural Artwork

The Woden Experiment team are looking for playful & engaging mural artworks for these hoardings – and will be an opportunity for artists to express their signature street artist style. They would like the artists/or teams of artists to work together to develop a consistent colour palette (and possibly a theme) between the two pieces – with approval from the Woden Arts Officer and TCCS.

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