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Live Mural Painting for Georges River Council

walking past mural

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Art Festival Mural Painting in Sydney

This mural painted live for Goerges River Council as part of the UNcontained art festival in Kogarah, Sydney.

Un[contained] was an art festival that expands and challenges the ideas of what ‘art’ is, breaking it free of a traditional gallery space, and letting it take over the streets.

By situating a series of shipping containers in the centre of Kogarah, the community was encouraged to explore in and around these pop-up artworks.

Bringing together large-scale installations with small discoverable artworks, the community will uncover incidental art experiences, and immersive activities involving performance, sound, light, and colour. Transitioning from day to night and stimulating the senses, Un[contained] will be an accessible event, inviting people from all walks of life across all abilities to take part in a celebration of our City’s creativity.

looking at mural
Checking out the mural

Live Mural Painting in Sydney

The followng photos showcase the mural I painted for the festival.

My mural was based around using a mix of urban style and traditional methods of printmaking with that so simplified colours and characters.

I had three days to paint the mural while on public display at the festival in Sydney.

hand lettering mural
Detail of typograghy painted on the mural in Sydney
mural in shade
Mural in the street at Kogarah
sunlight on mural
Capturing shadows on the painting
sydney mural family
Happy family in front the the artwork in Sydney
mural detail
Combining colour and textures in the mural
walking past mural
Can I please have some ice cream
mural bold lines
Detail of the mural graphic
bjarni wark
Photography credit @elderlad / @grcouncil
yeah mural
Almost finished the painting
happy decay
Posing Happy Decay, mural artist in Sydney

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