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Laneway Street Art

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Changing Laneways with Street Art

HAPPY DECAY has painted a number of laneways to help create a positive experience for people who use the laneways. His laneway street art can be found in Sydney, Melbourne, Mackay and Moruya.

When painting a series of murals in a laneway it is important to understand how people utilise the lane. How is the laneway used as a thoroughfare and if there are any existing problems?

Laneway issues could consist of poor wayfinding, insufficient lighting and anti-social behaviour.

With the use of street art and addressing those issues can help the laneway to have a positive change and helpful impact on the people who use it.

laneway mural
Laneway mural
Laneway mural
mackay laneway mural
Street art mural painted in Mackay laneway
laneway street art
Laneway placemaking art
moruya laneway mural
Street art at the start of the laneway

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