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HAPPY DECAY is an interior mural artist who works with interior designers and architects to create new and engaging spaces for people.

Interior Murals

Interior murals offer numerous benefits, both aesthetic and practical, making them a valuable addition to any space. Here are some reasons why interior murals are appreciated:

Interior mural artist HAPPY DECAY has worked on a diverse range of interior projects around Australia, below are some examples of his work. You can also view all his mural examples on this website.

Visual Impact

Murals can transform a plain, ordinary space into something visually striking and captivating. They add personality, character, and uniqueness to an interior, becoming a focal point that draws attention and sparks conversation.

viewing mural
Interior hallway mural at a Sydney university


Murals can be customized to reflect the tastes, interests, and preferences of the occupants or the purpose of the space. Whether it’s a whimsical design for a child’s room or a sophisticated mural for a corporate office, customization allows for personalization and tailored artistic expression.

interior artwork
Interior artwork inside a media experience for Meta

Enhanced Atmosphere

Murals have the power to evoke specific moods and atmospheres within a space. They can create a sense of tranquillity, stimulate creativity, or energize the environment, depending on the design and colour palette chosen.

walkway mural
Making this long entrance more engaging for the people who use this access point

Space Perception

Murals can alter perceptions of space, making rooms appear larger, cozier, or more intimate, depending on the design and placement. They can also be used strategically to highlight architectural features or to camouflage flaws.

bird mural
Interior mural artist HAPPY DECAY artwork in Sydney building

Brand Identity

In commercial settings, murals can reinforce brand identity and values, serving as powerful branding tools. They can communicate the essence of a brand, showcase its history or products, and leave a memorable impression on visitors and clients.

Interior mural at porsche
Interior mural at Porsche

Artistic Expression

Murals provide a platform for artists to showcase their talent and creativity. They offer opportunities for experimentation with different styles, techniques, and mediums, allowing artists to push boundaries and create unique works of art.

school mural
Using mural art as part of the wayfinding experience for students at this school.

Longevity and Durability

When properly executed, interior murals can be long-lasting and durable, requiring minimal maintenance over time. High-quality materials and professional application ensure that the mural remains vibrant and intact for years.

Educational and Informative

Murals can convey messages, tell stories, or depict historical events, serving as educational tools in schools, museums, or public spaces. They can also communicate important information or instructions in hospitals, airports, or train stations.

Community Engagement

Murals have the potential to foster a sense of community and pride, especially when they involve collaboration with local artists or community members. They can beautify neighbourhoods, deter graffiti, and contribute to placemaking efforts.

office mural art
Mural paitned in an office wsapce away from the window and

Overall, interior murals offer many benefits, ranging from aesthetic enhancement to functional utility, making them a valuable and versatile addition to interior spaces.

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