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Custom Illustrations for Street Art

With my street art, I always like to create the artwork that will be painted. Below is showing the process that I sometimes go through to get the image to a final piece that I am happy with.

With my art it sometimes can happen in the first instance otherwise it may be a process of reworking ideas and refining aspects of it.

With this smiley happy face character, it started out very rough and was heading in a completely different direction. It originally was going to be a portrait of a person with some illustration over half the face.

One thing lead to another and ended up with the illustration below. Now next time a wall becomes available for me I will paint this character as a part of my street art practice.

I will also make a few stickers of it too.

artist mural design
final Illustration for a mural as part of a street art project after going through a vigours process

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