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How to Paint a Mural

painting a mural

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Mural Painting Steps

Most times when painting a mural I am working on this on my own and the steps I take are ingrained in my process.

Lately, I have been providing street art workshops so I have had to make the mural process a practical step by step process for participants to follow.

I will share a few steps to think about when painting a mural. Here is a list of things to think about for the mural painting. I will expand on each one of these points below.

  • Area to be painted
  • Materials needed
  • The mural design
  • Outlining the mural on the wall
  • Painting the mural

Mural Area to be Painted

It is good to do an onsite visitation of the wall to be painted. If that is not possible, ask to be sent photos and video of the wall. What you will need to know is the surface of the wall and does it require any preparation before painting the mural. It will also be good to know the exact measurements as this will help your decision on how much paint you will need.

Once you have the measurements of the wall you can use this ratio to mock up your ideas if you need to provide a visual illustration of the mural before starting.

woden wall for painting
Know the exact dimensions of the wall to be painted.

Materials Needed for the Mural

To cover some of the basics, you will need:

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Chalk / Markers
  • Drop sheets
  • Buckets
  • Rags
  • Water
  • Ladder if going overhead

I would recommend that you go through the process step by step at home before starting. By doing this you will think of things specific to your needs. See my extensive mural checklist.

Mural Design Process

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Adding the Mural Design to the Wall

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school mural workshop
Mural workshop students adding the mural design to the wall

Painting the Mural

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painting a mural
Painting a mural

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