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How to find mural jobs?

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Advice, questions and answers on finding mural work

Will give 3 tips on finding mural jobs. Updating soon, in between working on mural projects.

I’m a mural artist

When I first started painting murals from a commercial perspective it was the word of mouth that got me my first paid mural.

So my first tip is to let people know that you are a mural painter. I know that sounds obvious but if you are not already doing it then do it.

Who is paying for murals?

When you see a mural that is painted at a school, community place or business, find out about the mural, and how it came to be painted. If you are wanting to make living from murals then you are wanting to know which murals paid the artist. This tells you who is paying for mural artists. You will find that Councils are a good place to ask about needing mural jobs as they are responable for public spaces.

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