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Happy Monster Mural

spray paint mural

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Monster Mural of the Friendly Kind

This happy monster mural is part of the street art laneway project in Moruya.

You can view the reel that showcases the Happy Monster painting process on my Instagram account.

The street art was painted in a laneway that was somewhat neglected but still used by people to access businesses in the area. People also use the laneway as a thoroughfare to get to the shops or the Moruya Markets and park.

Does your town or suburb need a positive monster?

The plan is to expand the friendly monster mural family to as many laneways around Australia. Can have different positive signs created along with an array of new colours and slight character modifications.

Get a Happy Monster Mural

If you feel your town or suburb/city could benefit from having a positive happy monster mural then give a call on 0431 104 026 or use the contact form.

happy monster mural
Smile, you are not on camera

Happy Monster Sticker


This sticker comes with FREE POSTAGE. Size: 76 mm x 74 mm. Stick it on your laptop, mobile or anywhere really to give it the weird bling. The stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a strong adhesive, making them waterproof, scratchproof and made to last.

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cave mural
Is the the happy monster cave on the left?
happy monster face
Happy monster face mural
street art smile
Street art that makes me smile
monster street art
Part of the street art in the Moruya laneway
sign near mural
Someone painted over the NO PARKING sign, was it this guy?

What Makes a Happy Monster Mural

A happy monster, much like a happy human, can be influenced by various factors. Here are some elements that may contribute to a monster’s happiness to consider when painting the monster mural:

fredinly monster mural
Friendly monster mural street art in the laneway

Acceptance and belonging:

Monsters, like any living beings, desire acceptance and a sense of belonging. Feeling included and valued within their community or among their peers can contribute to their happiness. Being a mural for the community to enjoy helps with the feeling of belonging.

Positive monster relationships:

Meaningful connections and positive interactions with others play a vital role in a monster’s happiness. Having friends, family, or companions who care for and support them can greatly enhance their well-being.


Monsters who embrace and accept themselves, including their unique qualities or physical appearances, tend to be happier. When they appreciate who they are, they can cultivate a positive self-image and self-esteem.

Monster Mural Purpose and fulfillment:

Having a sense of purpose or pursuing meaningful goals can bring joy to monsters. Whether it’s finding their passion, engaging in activities they enjoy, or contributing to their community, having a sense of fulfillment is important for their happiness.

Laughter and playfulness:

Monsters often find happiness through laughter, humor, and playfulness. Engaging in activities that bring them joy, such as playing games, telling jokes, or engaging in light-hearted activities, can boost their happiness.

Gratitude and monster positivity:

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude and focusing on the positive aspects of life can contribute to a monster’s happiness. Appreciating the good things, expressing gratitude, and maintaining an optimistic outlook can enhance their overall well-being.

Balance and self-care:

Monsters, like any living beings, need balance and self-care to maintain happiness. Taking care of their physical, emotional, and mental well-being by getting enough rest, engaging in activities they enjoy, and practicing self-care routines can positively impact their happiness.

Personal growth and learning:

Monsters who have opportunities for personal growth and continuous learning tend to be happier. Developing new skills, gaining knowledge, and challenging themselves can lead to a sense of achievement and personal fulfillment.

It’s important to remember that each monster is unique, and their sources of happiness may vary. Understanding individual differences and considering the specific needs and desires of a monster can help create an environment conducive to their happiness.

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